Jordan Dimov

Three of my all-time favourite films

Most cinema and television that I see is bland and uninspiring to me. Sure, I enjoy the occasional lighthearted flick, a well-done action movie, a good historical drama, or foreign films that bring me closer to another place or culture. But to be truly fascinated by a motion picture, a lot of aspects have to come together for me in just the right way - visually, artistically and philosophically.

This does happen once in a while. Of the little cinema that I like, the following 3 are my all-time favourites. These are films (or TV shows), which I would probably never get tired of seeing one more time. Not only because they’re well-done, but because they resonate deeply with who I am:

  • Marco Polo - the Netflix original. Truly a breath of fresh air. Two riveting seasons of unapologetic Kublai Khan action. Cancelling season 3 was a sin. When I have enough spare cash, I will fund it myself.

  • Белое Солнце Пустыни (The White Sun of the Desert) - 1970 Soviet “eastern”. Full of witty Russian humour. Light-hearted and deep reaching all at once. The action can still give Hollywood a run for its money, IMO.

  • The Young Pope - if I had to only choose one, it would probably be this. The most sincere film I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for Season 2.

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