Jordan Dimov

About Me

“One who has a perfect store of glory,
But does not maintain the glory of the Dharma,
Will only propagate sorrow.
This is like eating fine food that is mixed with poison.

One who has the glory of the Dharma,
But becomes isolated on account of the glories of the world,
Will be of no help for anyone else.
This is like a precious jewel encased in a shell.

One who has a perfect store of both of these
Will succeed in their grand objectives,
Both for themselves and others.
This is how precious jewels, when handled skillfully,
Naturally make things beautiful. “

~ Chogyal Phagpa, “A Rosary of Gemstones”

This is about me, not about you.

You might think I’ve put up this website so that you may learn about me. You could not be further from the truth. I’ve put up this website so that I can learn about me.

I am the most fascinating object in the universe to me. The more I discover me, the more I’m blown away.

Narcissism doesn’t begin to describe it. I don’t crave your admiration. I crave to learn more, to discover more, to be more me.

This is my mission in life.

What’s yours?

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