Jordan Dimov

Jordan Dimov

Technology entrepreneur, IT manager, software engineer, business consultant, writer.

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is by e-mail at

About me

I trained and worked as a software security consultant for Cigital (formerly "Reliable Software Technologies") until 2003, where I was involved with fascinating research and consulting projects for large multi-national corporations (Boeing, Visa, Citigroup, Schlumberger, Goldman Sachs, the US Federal Reserve, the New York Stock Exchange, NASD).

In 2007, I founded A115 - a business software development and IT consulting company (based in London, UK) where I am currently a managing partner. In its early days, A115 was involved with several large-scale software infrastructure projects for various government agencies in Bulgaria. Among other things, we built ParkBySMS - the most successful on-street parking payments solution in the world. Today, A115 offers bespoke software development for business process automation and web-based on-line platforms. We are always happy to get involved with new ambitious projects, so contact us.

I currently consult various start-ups, SME's and multi-billion companies like Sky. In these positions I help with architecting, implementing and evaluating the performance of software platforms that automate core business processes. This involves building high-availability, secure software that often runs on the Amazon Web Services cloud, using the Python programming language and the Django web framework.

Sometimes I blog about concurrent programming with an exciting programming language called Elixir (built on top of the Erlang virtual machine and the OTP framework).

I am studying Russian langauge and I enjoy reading Russian literature (both classic and contemporary). I love to travel to unpopular destinations and to discover hidden culinary gems around the world.